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Christmas 1950s Style

Here is a photograph I have of my parents and their families taken at Christmas. It must be in the 1950s and it’s lovely to see everyone together around the table, looking so happy.

RetroChristmasTags - Copy (15)RetroChristmasTags - Copy

In the photograph my parents are at the far end of the table with Mum (Enid May Howells) in the centre of the photograph and Dad (Gordon Charles Dinnis) on her right, with his brother Ron in between them. In the photograph are¬†Jack and Winifred¬†Howells (Mum’s parents), Annie Cleeve (Dad’s mother). The other family members are Dad’s sister Nancy, Mum’s brother Mick, sister Bob (Lorenza) her husband Arthur and son, Pat.

It looks like a nice spread on the table, with a big bowl of trifle in the middle! It’s unusual to see Mum and Dad enjoying Christmas with so many family members, when I was growing up it was always just the three of us every year.

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  1. Jackie, what a great photo! So neat to see them enjoying the holiday. I think I used to know this, but what is trifle?

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