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Your Family Tree Issue 137

My second article appeared in the January edition of this magazine. I wrote about tracking the Troopship my father had travelled on during World War 2. I made a few notes in my blogs here as I went on my journey of discovery which helped when I was writing the article. The ship was the ‘Dominion Monarch’, you can read about it here. http://jackiedinnis.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/dominion-monarch/




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  1. Great article! Congrats too!

  2. Congratulations, Jackie! You’re inspiring me!

  3. nmcmahon89 says:

    Great article, Jackie. How did the opportunity to write for the magazine come about?

    • I looked at lots of magazines in the newsagents and picked out ones I thought I could write for. I looked online for their writers guidelines, and wrote my article accordingly. Then I sent an email, pitching the idea to the magazine. They wrote back accepting it, and after a few alterations – there it is! My next step forward is to try and get paid for my writing :)

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