Women’s Table Tennis in the 1950s – Enid Dinnis

My mother, Enid Dinnis was very good at Table Tennis.  A lot better than I realised actually.  Recently I’ve been going through boxes, bags and drawers full of newspaper cuttings and memories and I came across a box full of cups, shields and medals that had been won playing Table Tennis.  I had expected them all to belong to my father, but the majority of them were in fact won by my mother.

I have added images of them below, there is a newspaper clipping about Enid taking part in the ladies doubles in either 1951-52 or 1952-53.  The two pictures of the medals are from those years, she reached the finals of the ladies doubles in both of those years.  The shield is from 1952-53 when Enid was a women’s singles finalist in the Brighton & District Table Tennis League.  The smaller cup is from 1949-50 when Enid won the Ladies Singles Friends Centre Table Tennis Club competition.  And the larger cup is from the following year 1950-51 in the same competition when Enid reached the final of the Ladies Singles.

newspaper clipping about Enid playing Table TennisEnid May Dinnis

Enid is on the front row, far left

Enid is on the front row, far left

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3 Responses to Women’s Table Tennis in the 1950s – Enid Dinnis

  1. suzanne says:

    Hi 🙂 Found you via the A-Z and I love your blog, such a fab idea. When I started scrapbooking I was given a box full of old photos, 1920’s on, and I really need to spend time with one of my older relatives and find out who they are. So thank you, you’ve reminded me of something to do I can’t keep putting off.
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

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