My birthday party 1965

party groupI’m guessing at the year but I think I was seven at this party photograph.  I look the same as in the violin photo, which is what makes me date it 1965.  My birthday is May the fifth, and this looks like a sunny year for it.  I would always have a party with five or six of my best friends, my parents put on some great games – pass the parcel, musical chairs and all the old favourites.  This photo was taken outside our front door.  At the back on the left is Karen Slade who was a year older than me but lived just up the road and we were always in and out of one anothers houses.  Back right is Karen Voak who was in my class at school and also lived just up the road.  At the front, left to right; Susan Green, me, Beverley Twell and Carole Crossley (from the violin photo).

I’m not in touch with any of these friends now, we all went our separate ways aged 11 when the 11 plus exam split us up.  Myself and Carole passed and headed off for the local Grammar school (Westlain Grammar School).  By that time I was no longer friends with her, I’d met Cathie who I would remain best friends with for all my life (so far!).

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15 Responses to My birthday party 1965

  1. Great picture! Gosh, can you imagine kids today dressing up to go to a friend’s birthday party? Everyone looks adorable!

  2. What a great shot. This brings back my own birthday parties at that same time period.

  3. Bev Holmes says:

    I was at Woodingdean Primary from 1962– joined Class 6 in the infants after moving from East Brighton to Woodingdean- until going to Longhill in 1967. I remember Carol Crossley very well because we lived in the same road, McWilliam and my Mum knew her Mum so we used to play together although she was younger than me – seem to remember her moving to Bexhill Road and sometimes I would to go to her house and we would wait for the bakers van to come and he would gives us the stake current buns for free – they were delicious 🙂 The names Karen Voak and Susan Green also ring a bell. Woodingdean Primary was a wonderful school – very special atmosphere although Major Haggard was scary as was Class 6’s teacher although I forget her name. Remember his son John teaching us occasionally in the junior school and we used to make fun of him 🙂 That is great photo – so much fun to dress up that way a party. Happy days 🙂

    • Hi Bev, great to hear from you, I don’t recognise your name, but names change with marriage! I lived in Farm Hill (I think Karen Voak and Susan Green did too), I used to go to the house in McWilliam Road to play with Carole Crossley too 🙂 Do you remember me at all? I remember John Haggard at Woodingdean school too, it was a nice little school wasn’t it! I still see it occasionally, it looks similar from outside. I still live around Brighton. Thanks for leaving a message 🙂 x

  4. Bev Holmes says:

    Sorry – I meant stale buns not stake 😀

  5. Bev says:

    Hi Jackie – yes I think I do remember you 🙂 Your surname is very familiar – is that your single or married name ? I was brought up with foster parents and took their surname of Burrows – Holmes is my married name. Moved to London in 1977 which is where I met my husband (1980) Now we live in Hastings. Would loved to have moved back to Brighton but it is out of our price range now 🙂 Did you go to the 50th Anniversary of Woodingdean Primary ? I didn’t know anything about it until I saw the video on You Tube yesterday ! The school hall didn’t seem to have changed much but the outside of the school did look a bit different. Are there more trees at the top of the field now ? Do you remember Clifford Basset and Karen Grieves ? They also used to live in Farm Hill. Lovely to speak to you 🙂 x

    • Oh wow, it really is a small world Bev! I lived next door to Karen Grieves, and her brother Andrew! Used to play in their garden in the summer, I think Andrew was my age, Karen a year or two older. I had no idea there had been a 50th Anniversary of the school until a few weeks ago – fancy not inviting us! That would have been great! I remember the name Clifford Basset, but can’t put a face to it. There are some more photos of my time at the school on this blog, I think I tagged them ‘Woodingdean Primary School’. I’ll have a little look, if I can’t see them I’ll post them on here in case you recognise anyone else! Take care now 🙂 x Oh, Dinnis is my single name, I have been married but changed it back again – to feel more like ‘me’.

      • Bev says:

        Hi Jackie – that would be great to see the photos and it definitely is a small world ! 🙂 Unfortunately I lost the photos I did have of my time at Woodingdean due to moving around so much. Clifford was in my class and I used to play at his house sometimes. His best friend was Simon Hines who lived in McWilliam and used to go to what I think was called back then The Cottages – they were little cottages used as part of the school. The three of us used to walk home together after school and then I would get on to my scooter and zoom down to Warren Road again to see my friend Katherine Pate who used to live above one of the shops there. Karen was in my class. A lot of friends from those years lived up Sandhurst Avenue or Balsdean Road. – Annette Fears, Christopher Langridge, Andy Lees, Andrew Clews, Wendy Hyatt to name but a few 🙂 Recently I was in touch with a lady called Lesley Wintle who’s sister Shirley was in my class. They lived in our part of Woodingdean – Rosemary Avenue. Shirley was so lovely – very scatty and kind but very bright. Sadly she had breast cancer but her sister said the “Prognosis was good”. I am trying to work out what age you might be. I was in 4a Juniors in 1967 and left that summer for “Big school” 🙂 Vividly remember myself and Wendy at our very last Friday assembly singing “Now The day Is Over” and trying not to cry because we didn’t want to leave. Don’t blame you for changing back to your single name – did that briefly after my first marriage broke down. To be honest with you Neale (Holmes) and I have been happily un-married for 33 years next month but I changed my name to his officially because I kept being called Mrs Holmes anyway 🙂 Hmm – Clifford Basett :-)) He had fair hair and a roundish face and fancied himself a bit – seemed to think he was Cliff Richard – LOL 😀 take care also. x

      • Hi Bev,
        I’ve just sent an email, it’s easier to attach photographs there, so once we’ve got contact I’ll post some for you 🙂 You must be a couple of years older than me, I was in 4A in 1969, left in the summer that year to go to Westlain in Falmer. I don’t know any of the names you mentioned, although I do remember The Cottages! I used to have my violin lessons there – with Carole Crossley 🙂 I just found an old Prizegiving leaflet from 1968, I’ll post that on the blog 🙂 Take care, keep in touch 🙂 x

      • Bev says:

        Hi Jackie – can you remember who was your teacher in 4A ? I keep thinking of the name Mr Haslem but am sure he was 4B’s teacher. Do you remember Susan Johnson ? Her older sister Linda was in my class and Susan would have been about your age, A lot of my friends went to Westlain and I really wanted to go but just failed my 11plus.:-) Have replied to your test email so look forward to seeing the photos 🙂 Just a quick mention about the famous Major Haggard 🙂 Remember my foster mum saying that his appointment as Headmaster caused a lot of controversy as a lot of parents felt that he was too loud and strict for a primary school – especially the infants. Take care and keep in touch also. 🙂 x

      • Hi Bev, sorry, only just seen this! Mr Haslam was my teacher in 4a, 4b was Mr Hemsley I think? Susan Johnson was in my class, I remember going to her birthday party! Interesting to hear what people thought of Major Hagard! 🙂 x

      • Bev says:

        Hi Jackie – Mr Haslem was also my teacher in 4A – good teacher and a good man. Remember Mr Hemsley as well – confusing because the two names are so similar 🙂 Linda and Susan seemed really nice at school, Linda was blond and Susan had dar hair, right ? – Linda was voted May Queen in 4A s she was so pretty as I think was Susan – do you remember the May Day celebrations we used to do ? My first claim to fame was the hoop dance – party dress and plastic hoola hoop decorated with paper flowers 🙂 Think that was in 1A. Don’t know how Susan turned out but unfortunately not long after I left Woodingdean somebody told me that she and Linda had moved away and that Linda had cropped al her hair off and had got in to a lot of trouble – shop lifting etc which was a shame. LOL! Very interesting about Major Haggard 😀 x

  6. Liz Bolloten says:

    Hi Jackie, I just came across your blog and was amazed to see that photo! Karen Slade was one of my best friends and I recognise you and all the others in it.I lived in Channel View Rd and went to Woodingdean primary.. same year as you I think in 4b. I have reverted to my maiden name too of Bolloten… It was so lovely and so nostalgic seeing that photo…. with best wishes Liz Bolloten

    • Wow, hi Liz, great to hear from you! Your name is so familiar, do you have a brother called William? Did you ever live in Farm Hill because I’m sure I remember your family living two or three doors down from me? So nice you knew Karen Slade, I always hope to hear from her on here, or on Facebook or something. If you want to keep in touch my email is All the best, Jackie x

      • Liz Bolloten says:

        Hi dear Jackie, how lovely to hear from you! Yes I did live in Farm Hill and I remember your mum really well… Yes I have a brother called William (Bill) ! And a sister Louise and another brother John. Will message you my details … Lets keep in touch.. Best wishes Liz xx

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