The Very Short Life & Times of John Taylor Dinnis

John Taylor Dinnis was the first-born child of George Dinnis and Catherine Taylor. He was christened at Holy Trinity Church in Islington, London on July 8th 1877. From the details given below, we can see John Taylor was christened at the same date and place as Edith Beatrice – the first-born of George’s sister, Fanny and her husband John William Forbes. George and Catherine were my great grandparents.

Christening details of Edith Beatrice Forbes and John Taylor Dinnis

Christening details of Edith Beatrice Forbes and John Taylor Dinnis

Holy Trinity Church, Islington

Holy Trinity Church, Islington

George, Catherine and little John Taylor lived in the Old Kent Road, London. George was working as a Hotel Cook. The next information I can find is the sad death of John Taylor Dinnis. I can only imagine how devastating this must have been for the family.

Death of John Taylor Dinnis

Death of John Taylor Dinnis

The cause of death is Tubercular Meningitis, and was on the 15th February 1878 at 28 Peplen Road, Old Kent Road, London. It states that John’s father, George Dinnis was present at the death.

This had been a very traumatic time of highs and lows for the family. Two weeks after the christening of the two babies, John Henry Dinnis (George and Fanny’s elder brother) married Jane Catherine Evans. Then on the 6th of October that year (1877) John Henry died from Pulmonary Consumption.

The death of John Henry Dinnis

The death of John Henry Dinnis

The address given for Fanny Dinnis and John William Forbes is 39 Albion Grove, and for John Henry Dinnis – 37 Albion Grove. It appears they were a very close family, and hopefully they all helped one another through the difficult times.

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8 Responses to The Very Short Life & Times of John Taylor Dinnis

  1. paulaacton says:

    I actually had a conversation with my gran about this a while ago when we were discussing a sister her mum had had that she had not known about until I started doing the family tree. She said that she could remember conversations from when she was young about the fact you were not advised to get attached to children until they were one, this was her grandma and her friends talking (her grandma had lost one of her children age two) and that when they did die you weren’t supposed to dwell on it, am guessing in part that was because life was hard enough for the living without grief, but my gran also pointed out that it was a lot more common to lose children than we think of it now (though from my FB feed you would not believe that it the case) and also the church played a lot bigger part in peoples lives back then

    • Really interesting thank you 🙂 Maybe that’s why they had such big families back then, they just half expected to lose one or two. The comment you make regarding ‘when they did die you weren’t supposed to dwell on it’ sounds just like some of my long gone relatives and their way of dealing with stuff! I’m sure they grieved as much as we would, just because it was more common, surely it wouldn’t hurt less? I don’t know!!

  2. gpcox says:

    If I may add my two cents, instead of being so specific with your tags, go with History, Family History, etc. Specific names are more for categories. Your site deserves more exposure.

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