Dora Ashbolt – her later years

As we read in the previous post Dora Doswell married Frederick Ashbolt in 1932. She was 24 years old, and the couple had a few happy years together before Dora sadly died in 1941, aged 32. This was obviously a very young death, and was a huge upset for the whole Cleeve family. Dora’s mother, Edith Cleeve had her four sisters and her husband to comfort her, but the death of her only child weighed heavily on her heart for the remainder of her life.

In later years my cousin remembers a photograph of Dora hanging on the wall in Edith’s room. It can be seen below, and underneath you can clearly see this photo above Annie (my grandmother, Edith’s younger sister).

Dora Doswell (Ashbolt)

Dora Doswell (Ashbolt)

Three of the Cleeve sisters left to right: Annie, Edith and Rose with Dora's picture on the wall.

Three of the Cleeve sisters left to right: Annie, Edith and Rose with Dora’s picture on the wall.

While not knowing how Dora died or what the cause of death was, we do have a report of her funeral from the local newspaper.

Death of Dora Ashbolt

Death of Dora Ashbolt

The report reads:

Death of Mrs F.A. Ashbolt

“We regret to record the death of Mrs. Dora Edith Ashbolt, wife of Mr. F. A. Ashbolt, of 27, Victoria Street, Basingstoke, who passed away on the 7th January at the home of her parents. Mrs. Ashbolt was only 32 years of age, and had resided in the town all her life. The funeral service was held at St. Michaels Church on Saturday, the vicar (Rev. A.W. Chute) officiating. Mr S.H Anstey, A.R.C.O., was at the organ. The 23rd Psalm was chanted, and the hymn “Jesu, Lover of my soul” was sung. The interment was at the Worting Road Cemetery. The mourners were:- Mr. F.A. Ashbolt (husband), Mr. and Mrs. E. Doswell (father and mother), Miss Cleeve (aunt), Mr H. Ashbolt, Southampton (brother-in-law), Mrs. Lemon, Mr. C.H. Gribble (Commander No. 2 Platoon Home Guard). Owing to present day conditions other members of the family were unable to be present.

Beautiful floral tributes were sent by the following:- Husband; Mum and Dad; Aunt Olive, Aunt Rose and Aunt Grace (London); Aunt Ann, Uncle and family (Brighton); Dad, Frank, Nellie and baby Pat (Southampton); Herb, Lily and children (Southampton); Mrs Billimore, snr. (Dummer); her little pet Twink; Dr. Williams; J. Boyer and Sons; No. 2 Platoon Home Guard; Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Doswell (Cotswold); Ken, Doris and Julie; Mr. and Mrs. E. Spicer; Don and Ken; Miss Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Hall; Mr. and Mrs. Wallace; Mrs. Jackson; Olive and Daisy; Rosemarie Ballard; Boyer’s Employees; Mr. and Mrs. Riley; Mr. and Mrs. Wills and Peter; Mrs. Appleton and Kit; Mrs. Lyons; Mr. and Mrs. G. Compton (Dummer); Miss A. Dykes and Mrs. E. Wallace; Mrs Wild and Doris; Mr. and Mrs Brackenbrough.

The funeral arrangements were satisfactorily carried out by Mr. P. King, Basingstoke.

Mr. Ashbolt and Mr. and Mrs. Doswell desire to express their sincere thanks for the kind sympathy extended to them in their sad bereavement, and for the beautiful flowers sent for the funeral.” 

It mentions in the report that ‘owing to present day conditions other members of the family were unable to be present’. This, of course, would have been World War 2, the funeral being in 1941. It must have been very hard on everyone not to be able to be together at this time.

Rest In Peace Dora

Rest In Peace dear Dora

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