A Wedding Anniversary

Today, 18th June is the anniversary of my parents marriage. They were married in 1949. Here are some photographs of their wedding day.

the groom (Gordon Dinnis) and best man (his younger brother, Ronald Dinnis) arriving at the church

the groom (Gordon Dinnis) and best man (his younger brother, Ronald Dinnis) arriving at the church

The bride (Enid May Howells) arrives at the church with her father, Jack Howells

The bride (Enid May Howells) arrives at the church with her father, Jack Howells

Gordon and Enid's wedding June 18 1949

Gordon and Enid’s wedding June 18 1949

Gordon and Enid Dinnis

Gordon and Enid Dinnis


The photograph of Gordon and Enid Dinnis looks to be taken outside the reception venue, which is stated on the wedding invitations as ‘Streets’ restaurant. They married at St Mary de Haura church in Shoreham, very close to where the family lived, so I assume Streets restaurant was also very close at hand. I still haven’t been able to trace it, so if anyone here is familiar with Shoreham-by-Sea of the 1940s and recognises the name, then please leave a comment!


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3 Responses to A Wedding Anniversary

  1. jemmakh says:

    Hi Jackie! You probably know by now how I like a history-related challenge….well I think I might have solved the “Streets restaurant” mystery 🙂
    I suspected that “Street” would have been the surname of the family owning the restaurant, so I went to Ancestry and did a search of the old phone books for 1949. Sure enough, there was an “A.E.Street Ltd” listed as a baker and confectioner at 16 Brunswick Road, Shoreham – which is just around the corner and up the road from St Mary’s Church.
    I googled the address and 18-20 Brunswick Rd, is still home to bakers/confectioners, namely “Truffles”.
    Anyway, a little more Googling of “Street” and “bakery” etc etc. and I struck gold! Namely this website: http://www.shorehambysea.com/bygone-shoreham-advertisements.html
    About halfway down the page is an old advert for Streets, and someone has posted their memories of it too, which has the info I think you need! The address on the advert is 20 Brunswick Rd.

    “I remember Street the confectioner A.E.Street 1907, Shoreham-by-Sea it was also a cafeteria which was part of the business. They were a high class confectioners where wedding cakes and other celebratory cakes were made. The chocolate éclairs and other delicacies were always presented in white, folding boxes to protect the icing. I do believe they also catered for wedding parties and lace curtains gave privacy to the diners in the cafeteria. I knew Mrs. Barbara Edie who learned her confectionary skills from a Polish gentleman in the rooms above what is still a bakers and confectioners. The nearest rival to Streets was Spurriers on the corner of John Street.” – Gerry”

    Now, if you go to Google Streetview, and look up 20 Brunswick Road, you’ll find a grey coloured building, with window awnings saying “Truffles” on. It *might* be a stretch too far, but there is definitely a similarity between what you can see of their doorway, and the doorway Gordon and Enid are standing in front of in the second photo you posted above. I think it looks like that’s where they were – what do you think? Worth a trip to Shoreham to have a closer look?! 🙂

    • Oh Jemma, you are truly amazing! I would NEVER have thought of ‘Street’ as being the surname of the family owning the restaurant! You’ve found out so much for me, thank you so much, I will be visiting Shoreham soon to see if I can find it.

      • jemmakh says:

        Hi Jackie! I’m thrilled to have been able to come up with something for you 😀 You’ll have to let me know how the visit to find it goes – I’d love to know if the front door of “Truffles” still has that ornate looking bit above – couldn’t see from Google streetview!! xx

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