Meeting Maud and Arnold

Actually, you’ve already met them! They are the bride and groom in the wedding picture in my header. I was sent this photograph a few days ago.

Wedding of Maud Beatrice Crocker and Arnold Carnegie Heron 1914

Wedding of Maud Beatrice Crocker and Arnold Carnegie Heron

Since receiving it, everything else in my life has been put on hold!

Whenever I find a new branch of my family tree I experience the same frustrations. I want to know it all at once!

I am finally (I think) learning to enjoy the journey of the research, as well as the arrival of the finished story. I don’t want to rush into knowing all about the Crocker family, I want to gradually get to know what happened to them. It will take time, but it’s what I enjoy doing.

To recap: the family who contacted me and sent this photograph are descendants of Charlotte Harriet Dinnis. She was my great grand-aunt, the sister of my great-grandfather (George Dinnis). I have already learned so much of Charlotte’s childhood, as it is shared by George. They grew up not far from me, in Brighton. You can read about it here:

Charlotte married Samuel Richard Crocker on the 20 May 1882 in Peckham.

Wedding details of Samuel Richard Crocker to Charlotte Harriet Dinnis

Wedding details of Samuel Richard Crocker to Charlotte Harriet Dinnis

They had their first child, a boy, in 1883 and two years later in 1885 had twins. Maud Beatrice and Richard George were born in September and were baptised in the same church their parents had married in.

Maud Beatrice Crocker married Arnold Carnegie Heron on 20 October 1914 at St James’ Church, Streatham. And the family photograph is the result! It’s so nice to zoom in on the bride and groom

Maud Beatrice Crocker

Maud Beatrice Crocker

Arnold Carnegie Heron

Arnold Carnegie Heron

There is so much more to tell you about them! And also about Maud’s twin brother, Richard George Crocker. But, for now, I am enjoying meeting Maud, and Arnold.

Maud and Richard are my first cousins 2 times removed – but more about that later!





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