Funny Photo Friday #1

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This is a series that looks at photographs in my collection. They will be either humorous or will evoke a warm memory of times past.               Laugh and enjoy!


Funny Photo Friday #1

Funny Photo Friday #1

Funny Photo Friday #1

It was the mid 1970s and I was about sixteen years of age. Holidays had become something of a chore, I was too old to go with my parents but too young to leave at home alone. Having no brothers or sisters the fortnight at Pontins Holiday Camp had to be spent in the company of my parents. I was a child that had been labelled ‘shy’. I didn’t mix, I didn’t want to leave my parent’s side. At the same time they would have appreciated some time alone together, and seemed slightly fed up of having me trail around with them.

The evenings in particular dragged by painfully slowly. This photograph was taken one evening at Wall Park Holiday Camp – Pontins of course, and was in Brixham, Devon. We’d had several previous holidays here, so we knew everything about the camp and its’ surroundings.

There was entertainment in the evenings, but usually nothing my mother liked, so we never stayed long in the Ballroom. A camp photographer would come round taking snaps of the happy holiday makers. These would be on sale in his shop the following day.

Looking at the awkward pose of the three of us in the photo, I can’t help but laugh! I think it’s the body language that speaks volumes, Dad leaning over as far away from Mum as he can get. Mum hugging herself, not smiling, refusing to look at the camera, and me just so, so fed up! I think the only reason we bought the photo was just to get it out of the shop window. I also think this was the last family holiday we had, which was probably just as well!

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