WOMEN AT WAR The War Years of Nancy Dora Dinnis – part four

In this post we will look at what happened to Nancy as she left the war behind and returned home to Blaker Street, Brighton.

Lance Corporal Nancy Dora Dinnis

Lance Corporal Nancy Dora Dinnis

Release certificate

Release certificate

Release documents

Release documents










The letters above inform Nancy of her Release in August 1946.

Release Certificate, Officers of the Women’s Forces (Class “A” Release in UK)

Troop Junior Commander. N.D. DINNIS. Auxiliary Territorial Service.

The above named has been granted 56 days leave commencing 5 June 1946 and is, with effect from 31 July 1946 released from actual duty under Regulations for Release from the Army, 1945.

Madam, now that the time has come for your release from active duty, I am commanded by the Army council to express to you their thanks for the valuable services which you have rendered in the service of your country at a time of grave national emergency. At the end of the emergency you will relinquish your commission, and at that time a notification will appear in the London Gazette, [see below] granting you also the honorary rank of Junior Commander. Meanwhile, you have permission to use that rank with effect from the date of your release.

13 April 1943 Supplement to the London Gazette, page 1696

13 April 1943
Supplement to the London Gazette, page 1696




Your task with the Army is completed. In the name of the Auxiliary Territorial Service I thank you. You have served your King and Country in such a way as to uphold the highest traditions of British womanhood.

I have, therefore, no hesitation in reminding you that, to secure a Lasting Peace, we must one and all continue not only to make sacrifices but a definite contribution, according to our circumstances, to our Country.

You have already proved that you know the true meaning of Service, “An act performed for the benefit of a cause and not necessarily to the benefit of an individual.”

Let us then pledge ourselves to be true to those who have given their lives, that their sacrifice may not be in vain. Good luck and God speed.

Everyone back home was eager to welcome the returned servicemen and women. Dorset Gardens Methodist Church and The Dome Mission, Brighton held a “Welcome Home” Supper and Social on 28 October 1946.

Welcome Home Supper and Social

Welcome Home Supper and Social

Welcome Home Menu

Welcome Home Menu










Menu: Cold Meat and Salad, Potato, Pickles, Beetroot; Fruit Tart, Custard, Trifles; Tea, Coffee; minerals.



Greetings from THE REV GEORGE E. TARR Superintendent Minister of the Dome Misson


To Propose: Mr. D. L. Murray (Author and essayist)

To Respond: Mr. E.A.E. Ovenden (Dome Mission Steward)


To Propose: Mr. W.T. Thorns (Dome Mission Publicity Secretary)

To Respond: Mr. Dudley Baker M.B.E. (One of the Returned S.M.&W)


To Propose: The Rev. G.E. Tarr






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Welcome to my blog where I am enjoying meeting my family - past and present - one at a time. Join me as I learn who my ancestors were, where they lived, what their occupations were and what everyday life was like for them.
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5 Responses to WOMEN AT WAR The War Years of Nancy Dora Dinnis – part four

    • Thank you, I am so enjoying myself being a family detective and finding out so much! And putting it in a blog is harder than you’d think! But it makes me get things in order, and gradually it begins to make sense to me! There’s just so much to get to know!

      • Michael says:

        Once the pieces are found and the puzzle forms the picture, it does make since. I hit a dead end on mine a while back, I am at the point where I would have to travle to those coutries in hopes of finding records, provided not destryed.

      • Are you sure you need to travel there? Could you not travel virtually? Is there not some connection with someone who could help you to find records? Don’t ever give up! There is no such thing as a dead end. x

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