Two Very Special Letters

I recently blogged about family heirlooms and which things are most special to people. My cousin, Sue chose a letter written to her mother, and I just found a letter very special to me, written from my mother. I would like to share these letters here.

Sue’s special letter was written to her mother, Nancy Dora Arkell, from her mother Annie Dinnis (Cleeve). What makes it really special is that it was written on the day Nancy gave birth to Sue. It doesn’t come any more special than that.

28 March 1953 Letter from Annie to her daughter Nancy

28 March 1953
Letter from Annie to her daughter Nancy

“38 Blaker Street, Brighton, March 28th 1953

My dear Nancy and Bert,

Hearty congratulations, and good luck always on the birth of your daughter. I hope she will be as good a daughter as you have always been to me, and will bring you nothing but joy & happiness. I hope all is well with you Nancy and you are not feeling too bad, and everything will go along alright, I am sure you are feeling very proud & very tired also.

Well now fancy you being on time. I’m sure it’s a great relief to know it is all over. Bert gave us the news & must be a lovely baby, take care of yourself it will soon slip along to come home again.

Gordon and Enid just gone, very excited, and will be up tomorrow evening for latest news of you. I certainly think you were very cool and collected, & brave & after all we took things in their stride didn’t we. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow & the baby. I thought of you a lot today & wondered how you were progressing – very windy outside, and not a nice day at all. It is now 10-45 Saturday evening, so I must get supper, I am so glad it’s over & we shall all be able to sleep tonight (we hope).

Again my heartfelt congratulations, good luck and God bless in all your new undertakings. Will be seeing you tomorrow,

Cheer’io, fondest love from Mum xxxxxx

Jack also congratulates you both, and wishes you the best of luck.

[A PS to the letter, written on the bottom]

Sunday 6.45

My dear Nancy,

I must say how pleased I was to see you this afternoon, and your lovely baby, well she is a little beauty & I am sure you are very proud of her, & she is lucky to have such a grand Mum & Dad. She is lovely. I hope you are feeling a little more comfortable, & will very soon be well & bringing Susan home. Shall look forward to seeing you both again on Weds.

Fondest love dear & all the best of luck from Mum xxx”

Isn’t that just the best letter you could wish to own! Such love, warmth and excitement.

Susan's Christening 12 July 1953. Baby Susan with her mother Nancy, grandmother, Annie and father, Bert.

Susan’s Christening 12 July 1953. Baby Susan with her mother Nancy, grandmother, Annie and father, Bert.

The letter I have is from my mother, Enid May Dinnis (Howells/Cockett). It was written to me and my husband the day after our wedding, We had arranged for some flowers to be sent to her, I knew she would like this gesture!

letter from mum 003

letter from Mum on 25 June 1979

letter from mum 005 - Copy









“48 Farm Hill, Woodingdean,

My Dear Dave & Jackie,

I was quite overcome when the lovely flowers arrived so unexpectedly today. thank you both very much. It was such a lovely lovely day wasn’t it. Really great. Can’t stop thinking and talking about it. Dad & I are both dying to talk to you both about it. We’re sending the cake to the folks you asked. There’s a lovely lot of present for you both to open when you get back. Also cards as well.

Sixteen presents! Mona (a neighbour and friend of Mum’s) was so excited she rushed over and was there at the wedding. Wilfred (her husband) was outside with his cine camera. I went and said thank you to the organist last evening and he said it really was the most lovely wedding service he’s ever been too.

Cathie and Bob (an old schoolfriend) came and told us they had enjoyed it ever so much. How ever did you manage to get your car clean (friends had ‘decorated’ it for our departure). My goodness someone had fun, but is was great wasn’t it. Well, my loves, have a lovely lovely time. Soon see you again then I’ll get some sausages in store! (Our favourites, at the time!)

God bless you both and keep you in His Care, All our love,

Mum & Dad Dinnis xxxx”


Front row right to left: Graham and Sue, Gordon, Jackie, Dave, Enid, Annie, Nancy, Bob. Back row right to left: Margaret, Ron, Bert & Jack 24 June 1979

Of course this was in the days when you could post a letter one day and be sure it would arrive the following day. I guess today people just ‘text’, I hope there is some way of saving these messages so they can be read again in years to come.

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3 Responses to Two Very Special Letters

  1. Haylee says:

    I think preserving them in this way is as good a way as any. Of course, until technology changes and text / word processing is an archaic communication tool! Great letters, something much more emotive being hand written.

    • Thank you Haylee, it just seems to me that technology changes so quickly I worry everything on email or any texts will get lost. But then I am a very old technophobe and don’t understand where things are if you can’t hold them in your hand, like a letter! I also worry handwriting will disappear and be no longer needed. Luckily I seem able to keep up with things like blogging! x

      • Haylee says:

        I hope handwriting doesn’t disappear, even though it’s not needed as much in the working world, it’s still a skill I think we’ll need for a while. It will probably go full circle anyway and we’ll revert to the dark ages, so pen and paper all the way!

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