Door 3 of our Advent Calendar

Opening today’s door we find Olive Cleeve in August 1964.

Olive Cleeve

Olive Cleeve

Olive lived in Dummer, Basingstoke and was the sister of my grandmother, Annie Dinnis. She was a very quiet, gentle lady and I only knew her through letters and cards she would send at Christmas and birthdays.

She never married, but as you can see she had a devoted cat.

Olive was the fifth daughter born to Charles Cleeve and Agnes Maffey. She was born on the 9th of February 1898 in Dummer, Hampshire. Olive died in June 1979.

She was very good at keeping in touch by letter, she had lovely handwriting and cared for all her sisters and their families.


letter from Olive written on September 8th 1968

Olive was my fathers’ aunt and she kept in touch with him during his time away in Italy during World War 2, sending him a postal order for his 21st birthday. He was in hospital at the time, having received bad shrapnel injuries, and it meant a lot to him to hear from family and friends back home.

In a letter written on the 12th of October 1944 Gordon writes to his mother, Annie

“Now, thank you very much for 15 letters and telegram which I received from you yesterday and today. Thank you very much indeed also for 5/- postal order card and photo’s which I received.

I also heard from Dad and Nancy, Ron, Jack, Mr Woods, Mr Simpson, Aunts Rose, Clara 3/-, Olive 2/-, Grace and Edie. Nearly all of it was birthday mail and it didn’t take long to reach me from the unit. Will you please thank all these people and tell them all I will try and write airgraphs to them in the near future.”


12 October 1944

These letters meant a lot, and Olive’s care at keeping in touch was very important to us as a family and thinking about her reminds me to try and do the same.

Little look at tomorrows door

Little look at tomorrows door

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  1. Luanne @ TFK says:

    Beautiful post. I love the way the cat is looking up at her. And I had forgotten about the WordPress snow. You are the first I’ve seen with it this year!

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