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Letters written home during World War 2. From Gordon Charles Dinnis to his mother, Annie Dinnis (Cleeve) in Brighton. Sent from Italy.

Easter Peace be yours

I have been looking through my collection of old postcards and greetings cards and I found this lovely one that was sent 98 years ago! It is a postcard, and on the reverse it is dated the 29th of March … Continue reading

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Door 3 of our Advent Calendar

Opening today’s door we find Olive Cleeve in August 1964. Olive lived in Dummer, Basingstoke and was the sister of my grandmother, Annie Dinnis. She was a very quiet, gentle lady and I only knew her through letters and cards … Continue reading

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Two Very Special Letters

I recently blogged about family heirlooms and which things are most special to people. My cousin, Sue chose a letter written to her mother, and I just found a letter very special to me, written from my mother. I would … Continue reading

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Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is coming, I’ve already bought my cards and some of my presents and I am looking forward to spending time with my family. Looking back at photographs of Christmas in years past I see it has always been a … Continue reading

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From Me To You, with love xx

I want to say thank you. I really enjoy writing this blog, and I want to show my appreciation to those of you that bother reading, liking and commenting here. Far and away my most popular blog has been the … Continue reading

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Embroidered Silk Postcards sent home from Joseph Taylor Dinnis in World War One

My grandfather, Joseph Taylor Dinnis fought in both World Wars. I am currently trying to find more information about where he was during World Was 1, his records seem to have been lost. But what we do have in the … Continue reading

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MY 300th POST

I wanted to make this post special. My 300th post, a milestone reached, a memorable day. I wondered what to write about, then realised it is September, and just a few days away from my father’s birthday. This inspired me … Continue reading

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The Fear of Grand Aunt Grace

Before I began looking into my family tree I only had my personal memories of my family. My father had four aunts, sisters of his mothers. I never met them, but they sent me cards and postal orders (remember them?) … Continue reading

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Torbay Chalet Hotel

Torbay Chalet Hotel Paignton, Devon. When my cousin Sue came over with more photographs and postcards I was surprised to see this one: I mentioned that my parents had stayed here, and on looking at the reverse side of the … Continue reading

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Mslexia blog – Taking a Second Look

For anyone interested my next Mslexia blog is here

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