When I was three months old

I have been looking through a book of old family photographs and found some of me aged three months. At first I thought this would have been August 1958. But I’m wondering if it might have been a few days earlier, at the end of July of that year.

three months 2 - Copy (5)

Mum and me.

It has to be said they are not the best photos I’ve ever seen! The focus seems to be set on the background, leaving me and my parents a mere blur in the foreground.

My parents look very smart for a trip to the park, and it when I saw the tennis game in the last photograph that I wondered which park it was.

The only one I can think of that looks like this is St Ann’s Wells Park in Hove. I know this was the park nearest to our house, and we went there a lot when I was small.

three months 2 - Copy (2)

A blurry Mum and me with some very clear shots of the houses in the background!

three months 2 (2)

An even clearer shot of the houses in the background, with Dad and me!

three months 2 - Copy (7)

Me in my pram, although the photographer seems to be more interested in capturing the game of tennis going on behind!

I looked back at my Dedication Certificate to check the date and note it was on the 27th of July 1958. It was held at Holland Road Baptist Church, Hove which is within easy walking distance of St Ann’s Wells Park. So I wonder if the photographs were taken on this day?

Certificate of Dedication

Certificate of Dedication


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