Published Articles

Every now and then I get something published. Here is a selection of articles from Family History and other magazines.

Yours magazine Issue 233 December 2015

Yours magazine
Issue 233
December 2015

In ‘Yours’ magazine, December 2015, Issue 233 there are a lot of articles about Christmas. Indeed the main one is called ’60 years of Christmas memories’ and includes a little photograph of me, aged three sitting on Santa’s lap.

I look very uncomfortable, and remember feeling quite scared. Of course I grew to love Santa as I realised he brought presents every Christmas Eve!

This photograph was taken in one of the big stores in Brighton, I think it was Wades, and it was 1961.

I think a little bit of me still believes in Father Christmas, and I always wake on Christmas morning with an expectation of a sack of presents at the end of my bed!

Yours mag and yellow flowers 007me and santa








Your Family Tree 134

Your Family Tree 134

This was a three page article in ‘Your Family Tree’ issue 134, October 2013. It was under the title of a Case Study and I called it ‘Coming of rage’ because it was all about my Dad’s 21st birthday. He spent it in a hospital in Italy after being badly injured in his right shoulder from shrapnel in 1944.

The main force of the article was due to the fact I had found some of the letters my father (Gordon Charles Dinnis) had written home to his mother at the time.




Your Family Tree issue 137

Your Family Tree
issue 137











Following on from this article I followed it up with another one in ‘Your Family Tree,’ issue 137 January 2014. I had done more research and managed to find the troopship that took my father to war. I did this via a journey of white bread, a famous band leader and letters, photographs and autographs. I found a postcard of the Dominion Monarch, the troopship and this was enough to fill another three pages of the magazine.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are?

September 2015 saw a two page article in ‘Who Do You Think You Are’. This was under the title of ‘My Eureka Moment’ and showed how I progressed after hitting the proverbial brick wall with my research.

I explained how the use of Street Directories had helped me trace my family in between England Census documents. I find these directories so useful and interesting, seeing who lived in the same street as my ancestors and what their occupations were.



I have also had this blog featured in many places, including ‘Family Tree’ magazine and MsLexia (female writing magazine) where I was a blogger in residence for three months.

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  1. It is incredible that you have been able to dive into this history! I would love to do more of that myself. Congratulations on your story being published!

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