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What’s on the Mantelpiece?

One of the things I don’t have in my house is a mantelpiece. It’s a comparatively new house, which was one of the things I loved about it when I moved in. But I do miss a fireplace and a … Continue reading

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Magnification according to the Collins Dictionary is “the act of magnifying or the state of being magnified” and I have found that this can be improved by using a magnifying glass, rather than using the ‘zoom’ on the computer. For … Continue reading

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WOMEN AT WAR The War Years of Nancy Dora Dinnis – part four

In this post we will look at what happened to Nancy as she left the war behind and returned home to Blaker Street, Brighton.                   The letters above inform Nancy of her … Continue reading

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The Bombing of Blaker Street in 1940

I took a book out of the local library this week (Bizarre Brighton by C. Horlock), and found an interesting chapter telling of a bombing in the Edward Street area of Brighton. The bomb fell at 8.17pm on Wednesday 18th September, 1940 … Continue reading

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