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Happy Birthday to Joseph Taylor Dinnis

29 November 1892 was the day my grandfather was born. Although I didn’t know him, I have learnt so much about him from my cousin, Sue that I feel he is no longer a stranger to me. I thought I … Continue reading

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Granddad didn’t come home from World War 2

Joseph Taylor Dinnis, my grandfather, fought in both World Wars. He didn’t come home after the end of World War 2. He didn’t die or anything. He just didn’t return home to his family. It is difficult to write about … Continue reading

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Who am I and Why am I Here?

  Blogging 101 Day One So, here we go, day one! Today’s assignment is ‘Who am I and Why I’m Here’. Now at first reading this was a little alarming, very philosophical and deep, I thought. But it isn’t about … Continue reading

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Why do you look back?

Family History is big business these days, there are a plethora of magazines, websites, blogs and books on the subject. With the age of the Internet it is now easier than ever to type a name into a search engine … Continue reading

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