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Meeting Florence and Jack (again)

I am so excited today! My favourite part of researching my family is when I meet a new family member. Yesterday Julie Heard got in touch to tell me she found my blog, and she kindly sent me lots of … Continue reading

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Gordon’s Man Bag

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Recently a tax on carrier bags has been introduced here. You now have to pay 5 pence for every supermarket carrier bag, where they used to be free. This is to hopefully address the problem of the accumulated rubbish of … Continue reading

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Remembering Mum

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Enid May Dinnis 08 March 1927 – 13 November 2000

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Ear ‘ere!

I posted previously on ‘Who is This Man’? pondering if the man in the first photograph was the same man I had previously featured.                   I was very happy to receive a … Continue reading

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The Very Short History of Granddad’s Moustache

Who doesn’t want to know the history of their grandfather’s moustache? I hadn’t realised the relevance of this topic until trying to trace the history of Joseph Taylor Dinnis during World War 1. It began when I looked back at … Continue reading

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Did My Dad Guard Churchill During World War 2?

Gordon C. Dinnis never talked much about his time in the war. But one thing he did occasionally mention was that he guarded Churchill and Roosevelt. He mentioned they were at some sort of important meeting. Since looking at his … Continue reading

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Hedgehog Makes Front Page News!

Hedgehog Makes Front Page News! I have a copy of an old newspaper from June 1949 which I look at from time to time. I usually only look at one news item, my parent’s wedding day, which features on the … Continue reading

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Remembrance Sunday

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Today is Remembrance Sunday, when we stop and remember all those who died in the wars. Although my father and grandfather didn’t die in the World Wars I always remember Dad thinking of his friends that he lost during WW2. … Continue reading

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Granddad didn’t come home from World War 2

Joseph Taylor Dinnis, my grandfather, fought in both World Wars. He didn’t come home after the end of World War 2. He didn’t die or anything. He just didn’t return home to his family. It is difficult to write about … Continue reading

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Who Is This Man?

Who Is This Man? This photograph was sent to me a few days ago by Mary, one of my newly found American cousins. Thanks Mary 🙂 It was sent with the message “My mom had this in the John Dinnis … Continue reading

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