Dinnis is the surname of my father’s paternal branch of our family. If you look on the right hand side of the homepage you will find a drop down categories box. You can then click on the name you’re interested in, and this will lead you to all the posts about them.

A quick guide:

Gordon Charles Dinnis 1923 - 2001

Gordon Charles Dinnis
1923 – 2001

Gordon Charles Dinnis; my father – married to Enid May Howells; child Jacqueline Ann Dinnis

Joseph Taylor Dinnis

Joseph Taylor Dinnis  1892 – 1965


Joseph Taylor Dinnis; my grandfather – married to Annie Cleeve; children Jack Douglas, Nancy Dora, Gordon Charles & Ronald Stanley Dinnis

George Dinnis 1853-1906

George Dinnis 1853-1906

George Dinnis; my great grandfather – married to Catherine Taylor; children John Taylor, George John, Cora Annie Amelia, Elsie Lilian Julia, Joseph Taylor & John Albert Herbert Walter Dinnis.

John Dinnis 1815 - 1894

John Dinnis 1815 – 1894

John Dinnis; my great great grandfather – married to Charlotte Robinson; children Catherine Ann, John Henry, Fanny, Harry, Charlotte Harriet, Cora & George.

John Dinnis senior; my great great great grandfather – married to Faith; children John & James Dinnis


3 Responses to Dinnis

  1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Hello, I am Joan Tromans (Dinnis) and the photo of Nellie and George you have displayed on this web site is my Granmother Helen May Brereton (Dinnis) and the young man is my father her son, George Joseph Brereton Dinnis. Helen (Nellie) married George John Dinnis in 1905 in Cardiff ..

  2. Patricia Stephenson Levy ( Dinnis) says:

    John & Charlotte Dinnis had my GG Grandmother Fanny Dinnis b:Jan 17,1846 Brighton / d: 1920 Chicago, Ill / m:Dec.9, 1876 England St Andrew’s to John William Forbes they had 1 child Edith Beatrice Forbes b;April 8,1877 Brighton / d: Dec 28,1941 in Los Angeles / m: Alexander Hamilton Seligmann{changed to Saunders) b; Dec22,1862 Berlin/ m: Edith Dec30, 1895 London had 3 children > my GF Alexander Hamilton Saunders >my Mother Edith Elizabeth Saunders ~ ME > Patricia Stephenson Levy ~

    • Hi Patricia, great to hear from you, sorry for the huge delay on my part in replying – life got the better of me last year, but I’m back now! So, so interesting to hear from you, thank you so much for your information. It’s just so interesting to hear about Fanny and John moving to the USA. Do you have any links to documents about this? Or photos of them and Edith? Looking forward to hearing back from you, best wishes, Jackie x

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